What I use to contour and How •|•

Good Evening Beautiful People x

Last year and maybe the year before, contouring really took off! Everyone is doing it… even 13 year olds (how they can do that amazes me…. I was still wearing foundation that left a wonderful line on my jaw line ahah)


To contour I use two different products;

  •  One which I recently got is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Palette in the shade Fair/Light.
  • Lorac Pro Contour Palette

So these products are very different. One is cream and one is powder. Sometimes I use them both together, or separately as well.


Anastasia Beverly Hills can do no wrong when it comes to contouring/brows etc. She gets it right EVERY TIME! I use the cream contour kit when I want a more dewy complexion and I use the middle brown to contour, and the middle and right creams to highlight (if I want an even brighter under eye I go in with my Urban Decay Concealer too).


I brought the PRO Contour Palette with PRO Contour Brush whilst I was in America last year…. and I need a back up!! As you can see I’ve hit pan on the banana colours 😦

To contour I use the ashy/brown colour on the left, and if I want to deepen it up I sometimes go into the right one too and lightly dust that over the top. (ignore my eyebrows ahaha….. they hadn’t be done/plucked)


What do you use to contour? Any tips or tricks to pass along? 😊

Speak soon beauties!

Lots of love

Amy xo


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