Younique Mineral Touch Foundation Review •|•

Good Morning Lovies,

Hope you all had a wonderful bank holiday weekend! I spent mine with family and friends, which was lovely. Unfortunately back to the real world of working now…

Recently, all I have been seeing on my Facebook is the Younique brand. I have about 3 people who are my friends who sell it as well, so I found it easy to get my hands on. If you have anyone who you know who sells this, you will know they absolutely rave about this foundation, calling it ‘liquid gold’. So I thought, well I NEED to know if this is actually liquid gold.

You get a 20ml bottle for £30. The packaging for this foundation is good, comes in a glass bottle and easy applicator.

Now I have watched a few videos about this product, and they say all you need is 4/6 drops on your brush and that is all you need to cover your face. I don’t find this is the case, I have to use about 10/12, but I do like a full coverage foundation and I find this is the only way to achieve that.

With this foundation it is a liquid form when it’s in the bottle but once on the skin, it blends into a mineral finish, which gives such a beautiful finish on the skin.

Once I’ve done my foundation I do my other make up exactly the same and the finish is lovely.  I am wearing this foundation today, and it’s lasted 5 hours… so far so good!

My overall review on this product is 8/10… my reasons being I need to use more than stated to achieve the full coverage I am after.

If you wanted to grab a bottle for yourself, here is the link to the Younique By Kelly! Go check her out, she is lovely and helpful if you have any questions.

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Lots of Love

Amy xo


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